• In this business there is a demand for teak lumber of superior quality and we are there to help you meet that demand

    High Grade Teak Manufacturing
  • Straight, vertical grain, Feq grade Teak is what everyone wants

    Defect free timbers with vertical grain and uniform color are pricy products because of the large waste when logs are selectively sawn to such requirements
  • All Teak we offer is from naturally grown aged Burmese origin

    The characteristics of a teak log are determined by its conformation, cylindrical and straightness, regularity of annual rings, colour and texture and presence or absence of black stripes and beeholes. A study has indicated that there are variations in the characteristics of teak based on its location. Weather and soil have a great impact on the characteristics of teak.k
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    Quality control, careful selection on sourcing and precision machining are fixed points on the company activity.Specializing in the production of semi-finished teak we are able to achieve any measure and section according to particular needs.Our woodworking activity is focused on old grow teak : we are sourcing the logs only from best harvesting area, whereas our sawmill provide the final manufacturing.Our sawing division is specialize for the whole range of cutting of rough lumber to get different finished products according to the yachts quality standards..
  • Sourcing Myanmar Teak

    Teak is probably the best-protected commercial species in the world. Elephants are still being used extensively to extract teak because of their low impact upon the environment. Elephants do far less damage to forests than heavy caterpillars and other logging equipment. Teak is not a tropical rainforest species. It grows sparsely in mixed deciduous forests. In its natural environment there are only 1 to 5 trees per acre in the best growing areas.
  • The Super-Yachts Standard Quality

    Our Teak decking quality, quarter sawn with a fine grain and specially selected, following superyacht quality standards, SuperPrime Grade with a uniform color and straight grain.We could supply the finest teak lumber to professional builders worldwide.The logs used on our production are of the highest quality available. Only naturally grown aged teak that has been selected by our own people and judged on super yacht quality is being used for the manufacturing of our decking strips. The specification of the quality with characteristics will be agreed during contract negotiations. In principle any dimension is possible but longer and wider lengths are relatively expensive
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